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Customer Testimonials

I am very happy to write about you as this is a way to show my gratitude. You are driven and motivated in your work and you transfer the same force to us. You are very clear about what you own and what is needed for the training. You are very professional and focused on your work. Despite the difficult situations, you maintain a positive attitude. You respond to our problems without getting frustrated. Your most outstanding ‘Value’ from what I have seen is your attitude towards my best output. I can proudly admit that with her continuous encouragement, I am a confident driver now. There is always a human touch in her teaching lessons which makes her classes unique. I wish her all the best and success on the roads ahead…
Thanks, Indira

I really had a great experience with Meenu Driving School. The lessons are affordable and the teaching is excellent. I started taking lessons with Meenu a couple months before I went in for my Ps test and within that time I learnt so much and was able to pass the first time!.
Thanks, Akauny

I want to say thank you so much for helping me get my drivers licence and making me into a safer driver. You are a great instuctor.
Last year I have taken lessons with a previous instructor and did so many lessons with him and all I learnt was one task over and over again on the same streets. My previous instructor also had no trust in my driving ability even though I demonstrated safe low risk driving. I lost confidence and stopped doing lessons because of him.
This year I wanted to start driving again to get my licence. I decided to call your driving school, after only a few lessons with you, I was amazed how much I have learnt in such little time. You had taught alot about safe driving and everything needed for the Driving test. You are a great teacher and have made me very confident and comfortable. You are very honest in your work and assessed my driving progress. You also let me knew when I was ready for the driving test and I was happy to hear that for the first time. I was very nervious on the day of the test but you always helped me to keep calm.
I was very glad that I have passed the driving test first go with a very high score, and I am very pleased with my result.
When I started my first lesson with you, it only took less than a month to get my licence.
I would highly recommend Meenu Driving School to anybody that wants quality lessons with an exellent and honest driving instuctor
Thank You, Regards, Mark

I am very pleased to write about Meenu. She is very dedicated and professional instructor. I came from Dubai and struggled to drive on left side of the road since in Dubai, It was the opposite. She encouraged me so well till I get the license. Also she openly tells us when we are ready for the test and never forces us to take extra lessons. She is always On time. She is fully dedicated to her job. I should say thanks and all the best. I would strongly recommend her for those who are looking for a good, professional instructor.
Cheers, Sangeetha

I take this opportunity to thank Meenu for her great support and patience on my driving lessons.
A great instructor who knows how to bring out the best in you. With her friendly personality everyone enjoys driving with her alongside receiving lots of precious tips on driving safely, car maintenance...
She is a great and interactive instructor who makes the driving experience effective and easy.
I would highly recommend Meenu to anyone in Sydney.
Thanks again for everything.
Cheers, Firouze

Hello Menu,
Thank you once again to provided me an excellent driving lessons and help me to obtain the driving licence.
It was a great experience with you.. The best part I liked about your professionalism that you never exceed the number of lessons. You try to teach maximum in minimum number of lessons. Your honesty in teaching and building confidence for driving test is your key strength. I am very pleased and grateful to have meenu as my driving instructor. As you are very professional and your teaching method is easy to understand.
I undoubtly recommend Meenu for anyone who wants to learn driving..
Best regards, Jyoti

I just got my P's WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHooooooooooooo!!!! Thanks Meenu you are the best driving instructor...You are friendly, supportive and patient. You made me a good confident driver in a practical way that I could easily understand.... With her friendly personality everyone enjoys driving with her….
I wish her all the best for the future…
Thank you once again !!
Cheers, Kunz…

Dear Meenu, Thank you very much for being such an excellent instructer. Your patience and dedication were invaluable in my learning experience. Had it not been for your professional and encouraging approach I don't think I could have ever got my licence. With only a few lessons you had built my confidence and skills on the road for which I am really grateful to you. I would highly recommend you to everyone!

Hello, Meenu
Thank you once again for your excellent driving lessons and your help with obtaining the driver licence.
I am very grateful for having Meenu as a driving instructor. She is highly experienced and dedicated to the job she does, and most importantly she is very committed in making you become the best and safest driver possible. Her lessons were excellent, they have provided me with the perfect grounding and structure to achieving confidence, safe driving and pass the driving test. Explanaition of the rules and driving techniques was always clear, straightforward and very easy to follow. I undoubtly recommend Meenu for anyone who wants to learn driving and I can assure you will definitely pass the driving test if you follow Meenu's instructions.
Best regards, Pavel

Dear Meenu,
I think your teaching methods are brilliant. You are friendly and patient. Your methods when teaching me were always thorough and easy to understand. You are very kind and sweet. A good driving instructor who is very professional and always encourages me to step forward even when I feel scared. You have different methods that are easy to understand. Meenu is someone who cares about you and your driving attitudes.
For this very reason, Meenu always said that if you can drive well even after a few lessons then as long as you ready for the test then she will encourage you to take it so she will honestly and openly review your progress and ask you when you want to take the test. I like her driving methods and skills, which will definitely benefit you whenever you hit the road. I put my Trust, Respect and Love for someone as great as Meenu.
Love, Shendy